The ‘Creative Campus Network’ is a UK-wide initiative to help bridge the various gaps between academies, who teach creative subjects, and creative industries. These gaps include perceptions, knowledge, graduate employability, inclusion & diversity and curriculum development.

Beginning in 2018, with a partnership between Middlesex University and Film London, the network has now grown to include most of the major industry and academic stakeholders in all four corners of the UK. Representative bodies from industry include the BFI, Screenskills, RTS, PACT, The Production Guild and many individual organisations, including Sony Pictures, Pathé, Sky, BBC, The Mill, Blue Zoo, Framestore and many others. Executive Deans/Heads of Departments/Career Advisors from HEIs range from Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and all across England.

The central aim of the creative Campus Network is to help support meetings, discussions, between academia and industry, to connect, collaborate and create new ways of working with each other: to identify best practice, upscale solutions, seek new innovative solutions to address some of the key issues that currently exist. To date, this initiative has brought together, in one space, many stakeholders from industry and academia, several times. As a result, many small ideas have been piloted, with a view to upscaling throughout the UK.

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This network is continually seeking to hear from new organisations, with the express aim of working together, as equals, to help address the skills gap in the screen industries and to help graduates become more employable in the creative industries (including non-creative graduates), to help FE and HEIs develop their curriculum and to break down the various barriers to closer collaboration, on a local/regional/national scale.

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