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In 2020, we piloted an industry-led, week-long, series of workshops, bootcamps and masterclasses for Film & TV students at Middlesex University.

These day/half-day long sessions were co-designed by academics at Middlesex University and industry practitioners. The sessions were deemed hugely successful with the students, with a 97% approval rating, and have served to prove the point that when academia and the creative industries work together to co-create content – using the combined skills and experience of practitioners and academics powerful things can happen.

This initiative has developed into plans to create an online, on-demand, e.learning & training resource platform for students, lecturers, support staff and employees in the screen industries. Designed to augment and compliment the academic curriculum and provision, and help upskill employees & freelancers, the platform will include behind-the-scenes case studies and insights into the screen industries, as well as contact on subjects ranging from engineering and construction to business and finance. It is hoped that this platform will expand to include a wider variety of creative industries.

The pilot events at MDX included:

Being a Freelancer
Alison Grade (Author of the Freelance Bible)

A Runner’s Bootcamp
Matt Gallagher (Author of Breaking into Film & TV)
Jude Winstanley (The Call Sheet)

Pitching an Idea and Film Distribution
Carey Fitzgerald (BOFTV)

Setting up your own Business
Mike Southon (Author of The Beermat Entrepreneur)

Visible Confidence
Helen Carter (Business Phycologist, Carter Corson)

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