Non-Creative Roles and Opportunities

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In 2019, discussions with representatives from Higher Education ‘Employability Teams’ revealed that most of them were not aware of the ‘non-creative’ roles and opportunities that existed within the creative industries.

Roles and skills in areas like business management, law, accounting, PR & Marketing, hospitality, medical, construction, architecture and so on, were seen by most career advisors as being associated with ‘non-creative’ industries. But, of course, all of these skills, and many others, are ALL needed in the creative industries and many of the industry skills gaps are in these disciplines.

In December 2019, we convened a meeting of screen industries representatives and the heads of employability teams in many different universities from around the UK, to meet and discuss what could be done to help connect and collaborate on this important issue. In March, 2020, a working group was formed to take these discussions forward.

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